About Me

Abhinav Srijan

With a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and a master's degree in engineering management, Abhinav has dabbled in automobile, petroleum, consulting, policy, startups, and the social sector. He even bartended for a while. He's a proud generalist and super resourceful, and he's got a real passion for entrepreneurship.

Abhinav also has a soft spot for social enterprises and has co-authored a research report on digital governance in India, a whitepaper on female labor force participation in India, as well as a reference book for educators of visually impaired children. He even built a website to connect volunteers with NGOs in need.

Abhinav firmly believes that stagnation is the enemy, and he's all about staying on the move. He's not your typical tourist either; he likes to spend at least six months in a place to truly explore its hidden gems and immerse himself in the local culture.

Feel free to reach out to him via the LinkedIn or Email button below to chat about anything related to science, cars, venture finance, financial markets, global policies, whiskey, or startups.